The easiest way to estimate your earning as a new Max Miner is to use our online calculator. By selecting the model and the number of miners you want as well as choosing what type of electricity you would like to mine in we can help you estimate how much it will cost to start mining and how much your miners could produce under different conditions.

Link to Max Mining Calculator:

Calculator Guide:


STEP 1) How many Miners Do You Want?

If you would like to order an amount that isn't included in a package you can contact our team directly to place your order.

STEP 2) Choose your Miner Model

More expensive models may require more time to recover your costs, but they also offer the safety of being able to operate at lower prices of BTC. (known as shutdown cost) You can see the shutdown cost of each miner at the bottom of the mining calculator page.

STEP 3) Choose your Power Source (Hydro or Standard)

Hydropower is more cost-effective and can help your miners stay profitable during periods when the price of BTC is low, however, they do require that we move your miners long-distances every 6 months as hydropower is only available for six months each year. Hydropower may also be less reliable than standard power.

It's been our experience that even with its drawbacks the significantly lower price of hydroelectricity makes it a worthwhile choice for half of the year. 

STEP 4) Set Bitcoin Price

Set the BTC price at different amounts to show how your miner's performance changes under different mining conditions.